LUH (Ex-WU LYF) – “Unites”

The one-and-done release of WU LYF’s Go Tell Fire To The Mountain was probably one of the more disappointing break-ups of the decade. Thankfully, the former band members have been pretty active: three of them went on to form Los Porcos and lead singer Ellery James Roberts struck off on his own in a very memorable way with last year’s single “Kerou’s Lament.” Roberts is back with a new project called LUH alongside Ebony Hoon. It’s another acronym-based group that this time stands for Lost Under Heaven. “Unites” is absolutely massive and booming and it’s a pleasure to hear Roberts’ unique vocals again. The song is accompanied by a website that features some shimmering visuals and a lyric sheet. Listen to the song below.

Here’s how Roberts introduced the song:

LUHSONG001; unites is a simple love song.
A song of longing for balance in a world where we slump & grind to a senseless algoriddim of fractious complexity. A song for lovers, numbered by the placid plateau of conform-core modernity. The personal is political as never before, and all those that make the choice to step away sing Luvah’s Song. I wrote this for you, for her, for every longing breath lost under heaven’s refracted light.
are you ready/ to see this world open up before you?