Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment – “No Better Blues”

Some of Chance The Rapper’s songs this year have felt like goofs, and others have seemed desperately depressed. This latest offering seems deadly serious at first, but on closer examination maybe it blends those poles. Credited to Chance and his band the Social Experiment, “No Better Blues” plays like dark comedy. Chance rattles off all the things he hates in the world, which according to this song is basically everything. He even declares, “I hate to love, I hate to hate” before returning to the mantra, “It don’t get no better.” Whatever he’s getting at with this lyrically despairing yet musically uplifting track, it’s going to take a while to parse. And as someone who just listened to it four times in a row, I can tell you that parsing it is a pleasure. To me it sounds as good as the highlights from Acid Rap. Decide for yourself below.

The line about vegetables made me laugh out loud, but I think the one about smirking children is my favorite. What about you guys?

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images.]