Foo Fighters – “Congregation”

You probably already know that Foo Fighters recorded their new Sonic Highways album at eight famous studios in eight music-rich cities and that their new HBO show is tracing their trip through all these places. The band has already shared two of those songs: The Chicago-recorded “Something From Nothing” and the D.C.-based “The Feast And The Famine.” With the Nashville episode of the show set to air tonight, the band has now shared “Congregation,” the song they recorded in Nashville and teased a little while ago. The band recorded this one at the Southern Ground studio, which doesn’t quite have the storied history as some of the other studios the band used on Sonic Highways, though people like Neil Young and Kris Kristofferson have recorded there. It’s now the homebase of the Zac Brown Band, a weird country jam band who’s gotten unexpectedly huge in recent years. That band recorded a recent EP with Grohl producing, and Brown himself sat in with the Foo Fighters when they covered Black Sabbath on Letterman. He guests on “Congregation,” a song that manages to have basically no country music flavor to it. Instead, it’s a basic and effective Foo Fighters rocker with a big, explosive chorus and some impressive psych-funk guitar work. Give it a listen below.

Sonic Highways is out out 11/10 on Roswell/RCA. The Nashville episode of the TV show airs tonight on HBO.