Stream Kitty Frostbite EP

Kitty’s come a long way since the doe-eyed rap of “Okay Cupid,” which I’ll still stand by as a hella fun track (though it didn’t age as well as I would have hoped). As someone who’s been following her from the beginning, it’s been a really fun (and surprising) maturation to watch. I think it’s a good thing that she wasn’t able to get together a full-length on the heels of her viral single. If Azealia Banks taught us anything with Broke With Expensive Taste, it’s that sometimes it’s better if someone has a little more time to gestate and take a step back to really explore why they’re writing music and what drew them to it in the first place. Frostbite feels like a culmination of all the experimentation that Kitty’s been doing over the past few years, and includes some of her best tracks like “285” and “Second Life.” Kitty also keeps her knack for picking fucking awesome producers that bring out the best in her. All but one of the beats on this one were made by a Youtube DJ named Matt R, who Kitty discovered through his My Little Pony remixes on Youtube, two of which were adapted for the EP. The other track is produced by the PC Music-adjacent Guy Akimoto (whose “What’s It For?” from earlier this year has become something of an anthemic anti-anti-technology bop for me) — “Hoaxx” is probably the song that stands out the most here: it’s the most muscular of the new tracks and I absolutely love the sampled AIM door slamming, which gives it a wry edge. Frostbite is another impressive step in an exciting direction — and to think it all started with a jokey song about loving Danny Brown. Listen below.

Frostbite is out now. You can buy it on iTunes.