Lorde Explains Why She Insulted Diplo’s Penis

Lorde already seemed to be everywhere all the time, but ever since she took on this Hunger Games soundtrack it’s been Lorde, Lorde, Lorde, all the day long. That said, she also drew headlines last week for tweeting about Kim Kardashian’s ass and Diplo’s penis, so there’s that. She addressed the latter in a new interview with The Fader:

So… Diplo insulted Taylor [Swift]’s butt on Twitter, and you called out his dick-size. Major Lazer is on the soundtrack, so it wasn’t like you were taking shots at a stranger. Were you surprised the way people got worked up about it? I mean, I think often I say things and realize that Americans hear what I say differently to how I hear it. I love Wes and he’s a big brother to me and one of my first friends in the industry, and part of having a friendship with someone like that is not letting them say stupid shit. Taylor’s my friend as well, and I’m a girl, and if I see some weird body-shaming on my feed I’m going to be like, “Hey man…” We do still love each other, hopefully.

Lorde also discusses comparing notes with Swift during the making of 1989 and “Yellow Flicker Beat,” talks about working with Kanye West on the “Flicker” rework, explains why David Lynch’s contribution to the Mockingjay soundtrack got cut, describes Nicki Minaj’s contribution to the soundtrack that never came to pass, and much more. Read the full interview here.

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