Oh Look, It Stopped Snowing: Interpol Gives First Interview About #Winterpol

Interpol survived Buffalo’s insane snowstorm and lived to tell about it. As Radio.com reports, guitarist Daniel Kessler spoke to KROQ’s Kevin & Bean about being trapped on a tour bus for 50+ hours amidst more than six feet of snowfall in western New York. Kessler explained that at first he mistakenly believed the tour bus was halted because of border-crossing issues:

After we played a show Monday night in Columbus, we boarded the bus and were hopeful we’d cross the boarder at some point in the middle of the night. I kept thinking they let us through the border. Typically when you’re going into Canada, they ask you to descend from the bus and they check your papers and so forth. I kept feeling the bus stop intermittedly and thought, “Oh, they’re letting us go through this time.” It wasn’t until early next morning that I realized, “No, we’re very much stuck in snow.’ I think I had a sense of optimism when our driver told me, “Just a few miles ahead of us is Buffalo and they don’t really have any snow yet.” At that point, they had no snow at all. It came a little later.

He also said the experience was much easier for Interpol than for most stranded travelers because they already live on their tour bus and were well supplied with food and entertainment. Paul Banks worked on some new music, Kessler ate a lot of peanut butter, and they all watched a bunch of SportsCenter and movie news over vodka and snacks. All in all, other than show cancellations in Toronto and Montreal and the looming specter of death, it doesn’t sound all that different from the usual experience of being on tour:

I think we did really well. Everyone kept a good sense of calm and camaraderie. We’re friends and we enjoy hanging out and made the most of it. Everyone had a bit of cabin fever… but we didn’t get sick of each other. We’ve been doing this for a while.

Although the band is safe and sound back in New York and will play Late Night With Seth Meyers tonight, some of their party hasn’t returned safely yet. “One of our drivers, Red, is still stuck in traffic and hasn’t been able to move since Monday,” Kessler said. “He’s fighting a good fight.” Read more here.

[Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images.]