Oneohtrix Point Never – “Rush” & “Bubs” (Feat. A. G. Cook)

Daniel Lopatin, the Brooklyn synth wizard who makes queasy music as Oneohtrix Point Never this year, has been uncharacteristically quiet this year. Today, though, he’s dropped two new tracks on us out of the blue. One is “Rush,” an uneasy, irregular, lurching number from the same sessions that gave us Lopatin’s 2013 album R Plus 7. The other is “Bubs,” a track that Lopatin made with A. G. Cook, the mysterious mastermind behind the frantic mutant-pop label PC Music. It’s a jittery piece that seems to zip off in about 14 different directions at once. You can stream or download both tracks below.

Oneohtrix Point Never – “Rush”

Oneohtrix Point Never & A. G. Cook – “Bubs”

The Oneohtrix Point Never/PC Music connection is one that I might not have made instinctively, but it makes perfect sense.