Charli XCX – “Doing It (A. G. Cook Remix)” (Feat. Rita Ora)

PC Music ringleader A. G. Cook has given his own spin on Charli XCX’s new Sucker single “Doing It,” which just got a rad Thelma & Louise-inspired music video a few days ago. The misguided Rita Ora vocals on the new single version of the track are less of a bother here as Cook twists both of their voices into the sugary pop confectionary that marks most of his tracks. He also rubs off most of the hard punk edge from Charli’s new sound, but he transforms things less than you’d expect. Like his best remix to date, you can feel his fingerprints all over it, but the song still maintains the same raw attitude that it did before. Listen below.

Sucker is out now via Atlantic.