Watch Sleater-Kinney Roar Through “Price Tag” On Seth Meyers

In the past few weeks, the best mornings have been the ones where we get to start things off watching Sleater-Kinney play some late-night show or other. Since the band came back with their triumphant return No Cities To Love, Sleater-Kinney have already played Letterman and Conan. Last night, they served musical-guest duties on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the show where Carrie Brownstein’s comedy colleague Fred Armisen works as bandleader. This time around, they played “Price Tag,” the wage-slavery anthem that serves as No Cities’ opening track. The show’s sound-mixing, which could charitably be described as basement-punk-show level, did the band no favors; why, in god’s name, were the guitars so low? But it will never not be an absolute joy to watch this band play. Watch them below.

No Cities To Love is out now on Sub Pop.