Brian Wilson Reveals Why Frank Ocean & Lana Del Rey Are Not On His New Album

Last year, it was rumored that Brian Wilson would be collaborating with Frank Ocean and Lana Del Rey on some new tracks for his brand new album, which is due out in April. But when the tracklist surfaced in January, they were nowhere to be found. A rep told Pitchfork at the time that both were never done due to scheduling problems, but there seems to be a little more to the story. In a new interview with Wilson in Vulture, the refreshingly candid musician had the following to say about the potential collaborations: “Well, Frank Ocean didn’t want to do the song. He wanted to do rap, so we canceled him. Lana Del Rey, uh, she just canceled out on us.” That’s certainly an interesting scheduling problem.

He also reveals that he’s never listened to Kanye West’s music, that Paul Dano gives the more “factual” performance in the upcoming biopic about his life, and that the ruling in the Pharrell and Robin Thicke case was justified. His advice to young songwriters? “I would tell them to write the whole song and do it good.” Read the full interview here.