Built To Spill – “Never Be The Same” Video

The triumphant Idaho guitar-manglers Built To Spill return tomorrow with their new album Untethered Moon, and while the album itself is prime slow-swelling indie rock, the videos find the veteran band acting commendably silly. We’ve already posted their goofy-as-hell “Living Zoo” video, and their new clip for “Never Be The Same” builds on that one, going full meta in the process. The new video, from “Living Zoo” director Jordan Minkoff, tells the story of what happens with Built To Spill frontman Doug Martsch becomes weirdly obsessed with one of the characters from that “Living Zoo” video. It’s probably the single most amateurish video I’ve ever seen from a major-label recording artist, and it serves as a beautiful showcase for Matsch’s nonexistent acting skills. That’s a good thing, somehow. This thing is an enjoyable mess, way better than a straight-up performance video would’ve been. Check it out below.

Untethered Moon is out 4/21 on Warner Bros.