Scallops Hotel – “Lavender Chunk” (Feat. Hemlock Ernst)

Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring has an intriguing side thing going on. Every once in a while, he’ll stop howling beautifully damaged new wave songs, and he’ll rap under the name Hemlock Ernst. (We’ve got some videos of him rapping here.) Herring is a pretty good rapper, a gravelly Buck 65-style backpack-rap hobo, and it’s interesting to hear what happens when he jumps on a track with a (slightly) more established rapper. The L.A. rapper/producer Scallops Hotel, a fixture on the city’s Low End Theory scene, recruited Herring to drop a verse on his track “Lavender Chunk,” and the two pair up nicely. Listen to the track below.

(via Okayplayer)

Scallops Hotel’s album Plain Speaking is out 5/5 on Ruby Yacht/The Order Label.