Hot Chip – “Burning Up”

Hot Chip kicked off the year teasing their new album Why Make Sense? by tweeting out the initially cryptic website, later revealing it was their new album’s title alongside its first track, the soothing synth jam “Huarache Lights.” Since then we’ve also heard aggressive electro-ballad “Need You Know” and today, “Burning Up.” This latest song is a non-album bonus track that will be on their accompanying Separate EP, and it’s an earnest pronouncement of rebellion, stoking a slow burn to prom-night-heights of dreaminess. Hot Chip always manage to capture the intensity of high-octane feelings and convey them in restrained, stately ways. That’s exactly what “Burning Up” is: to borrow their phrase, a “teenage symphony.” Listen below.

Why Make Sense? is out 5/18 on Domino.

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