Watch Green Day Return To 924 Gilman

924 Gilman, the volunteer-run Berkeley punk venue, is where Green Day got their start. It’s also a famously puritanical zone; bands get banned for playing there for just about every imaginable reason. Green Day have been banned from 924 Gilman ever since they signed to a major label in the early ’90s, but the venue relaxed its rules enough to let the band play a secret benefit show there last night. The show raised money for AK Press, the anarchist publishers whose business has been in jeopardy after a recent warehouse fire. Just as he did at a Cleveland show last month, Rancid and Operation Ivy’s Tim Armstrong joined the band onstage to cover Op Ivy’s “Knowledge.” Below, watch fan-made video of “Basket Case” and “She.” (Warning: The “She” video has deeply shitty quality.)

(via PunkNews)

You can see more about AK Press’ fundraising efforts here.

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