Watch Tyler, The Creator Tell Jimmy Kimmel About Getting Fired From Starbucks

Last night was a weirdly busy one for rappers being guests on TV shows but not performing. Vince Staples was a panelist on The Nightly Show, and T.I. was a guest on Seth Meyers and also made a cameo in a Kimmel bit. And then there was Tyler. Tyler, The Creator sat down with Jimmy Kimmel, ostensibly to talk about his Golf Media app. But Tyler really just used the show as a vehicle for his general hyperactivity, making a Spider-Man-esque entrance and attempting to rub his face in Kimmel’s stagehand’s Matt LeBlanc tattoo, which I guess is a thing. The highlight came when Tyler discussed his experience as a Starbucks employee and shouted out the manager who fired him by name. Watch the interview below.

Tyler’s album Cherry Bomb is out now on Odd Future Records.