Iron & Wine And Ben Bridwell – “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” (Talking Heads Cover)

Iron & Wine and Band Of Horses’ Ben Bridwell have teamed up to create a collaborative covers album titled Sing Into My Mouth, which is due out next month. “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” was originally released on the Talking Heads’ 1983 album Speaking In Tongues, and it’s probably one of the best-known songs that Bridwell and Iron & Wine cover on their record. It’s also one of the most surprising — this is a pop song, albeit an unconventional one, so this folk-influenced reworking is a transformative take on the ’80s classic. We’ve already heard their renditions of Sade’s “Bullet Proof Soul” and Unicorn’s “No Way Out Of Here,” now listen to Sing Into My Mouth’s latest single below.

Sing Into My Mouth is out 7/17.