Oscar – “Beautiful Words” Video

The title track to Oscar Scheller’s debut Beautiful Words EP is an oddly hopeful thing. Despite the levity of the chorus, it still feels like its dragging around the weight of the world. The video for the song doesn’t have the same kind of narrative drive attached to it as his affecting “Daffodil Days” video, but it is a very pretty collection of images, casting Oscar and his drummer in shadow against a staticky backdrop. (It’s also directed by Laurie Lynch, who did the “Daffodil” video as well, keeping a consistent visual template.) On the occasions when Oscar’s face is seen in full light, he has a huge grin and is playing with his eyes closed — he could be laughing or crying, maybe both at the same time. Watch below.

(via T Magazine)

Oscar’s Beautiful Words EP is out now via Wichita Recordings