PledgeMusic Apologizes For Scott Weiland Campaign, Offers Refunds

It appears that the Scott Weiland PledgeMusic campaign drama is coming to a close. The crowdfunding site’s customer service representation Ryann McGrath finally responded to complaints on Weiland’s page, and as it turns out, PledgeMusic is pretty pissed at the Wildabouts frontman and his team as well. Here’s the message McGrath left on the discussion board:

Hi Everyone,

We are aware that many of you are still waiting on items and updates on outstanding orders.

We have been checking in with Scott’s team constantly for confirmed shipment dates and updates and do hope to have answers for you all soon.

An update is due to go out very soon–most likely July 8th via the updates section

We want to advise that we will resolve every issue for you in due time, unfortunately it is an increasingly busy time of year and there are many issues on the campaign.

If you would prefer a refund than to wait, please tweet us @pledgemusichelp and our customer service team will process your refund for you.

Thank you so much for your patience throughout this campaign, we certainly understand and appreciate your frustration and hope any open issues can be resolved for you soon.

Warmest Regards,


Alternative Nation has been reporting on this story regularly, and in their most recent post, writer Brett Buchanan claimed to have received, er, unbecoming emails from Weiland and his team:

It definitely hasn’t been an easy road for Alternative Nation working with Scott Weiland’s team either, to say the least. We never had received e-mails with profanity and the term “WTF” from the representatives of any musicians before, or been called “an angry baby who can’t have their rattle.” Maybe their time would be better spent communicating with PledgeMusic and fans who haven’t received their merchandise?

Read about how it all started here.