Night Beds – “Corner”

Night Beds is the country-dream-pop project of Winston Yellen, a man who seems bent on becoming the perfect, airy mixture of Fleet Foxes and Beach House. He’s got all the earnest yearning of Robin Pecknold’s helium-folk tenor, and for his latest album Ivywild he’s mixing that with late night psych-dreaminess. “Corner” is the latest single, and it’s yet another mournful tirade replete with orchestral flourishes and a crosshatch of harmonies. That baby burst of brass at the end that morphs into his bluesy, processed vocals is completely next-level. This song joins “Tide Teeth,” “Finished,” and “Me Liquor & God” as proof that Yellen’s transition toward the electronic side of things will yield the same gorgeous results as his Americana past.

Ivywild is out 8/7 via Dead Oceans. Pre-order it here.

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