Baio – “Endless Rhythm”

Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio is prepping the release of his debut solo full-length, The Names, and he’s just shared another new track called “Endless Rhythm” following earlier singles “Brainwash yyrr Face” and “Sister Of Pearl.” This one comes accompanied by a lyric video directed by Daniel Navetta and Tyler Haft made up of still shots of the city, mostly at night. The track was inspired by a painting at London’s Tate Modern, and continues Baio’s knack for crystal-clean competent pop. Listen below.

Here’s some explanation from Baio via a press release:

During an unseasonably warm weekend in March 2014 I fell in love with a painting in London’s Tate Modern. I spent about ten minutes getting lost in it before realizing its title, Endless Rhythm, was musical. The painting got me thinking about making a song — the highs & lows, frustrations & breakthroughs that have always accompanied the process of making music for me.

Over the course of about six months I worked on this song, periodically re-visiting the painting while listening to the track in progress on loop. It was the last thing I wrote for the album, so the line “I can wait for you like it’s what I want to do” is a reference to knowing I needed one last song for The Names and having to wait for it to come. It may sound a bit corny to say but  “Endless Rhythm” is my love-letter to art & the artistic process. Hope you dig it!

The Names is out 9/18 via Glassnote.