Wait, Parrotheads Bring Homemade Toilets To Jimmy Buffett Concerts?

You’re tailgating in the parking lot outside a concert by your favorite recording artist, Jimmy Buffett, when nature calls. Obviously, waiting in line for a bathroom is out of the question. So what’s a Parrothead to do? Poop in a bucket, apparently.

Spin reports that Jimmy Buffett fans angered police by leaving a bunch of homemade toilets outside the Mansfield, Massachusetts Xfinity Center where Buffett performed on Saturday. According to Lt. Sam Thompson of the Mansfield PD, a common model of DIY toilet is a five-gallon bucket with its rim lined by a foam pool noodle, usually hidden inside of a tent. Thompson told The Sun Chronicle that 75 to 100 concertgoers were instructed to take down their makeshift outhouses during the show, and while most complied, officers still found 7 to 10 used Parrot-toilets left on the grounds afterwards. Jeff Mann, the Xfinity Center’s general manager, said that the venue’s overnight cleaning crew was able to “get creative with the porta-pottys” to get rid of the waste this time, but “we’re just not set up to handle that kind of waste.” I guess there’s a limit to “wastin’ away” in Margaritaville?

Back in April, Jimmy Buffett fan site Troprockin.com polled its readers for a list of top ten tailgating “must-haves,” and “makeshift potty” was the most popular write-in vote: “Parrot Heads have learned there comes a time at every tailgate when you just can’t fathom going into the port-a-potty. Several different versions were listed. From your bucket with a shower curtain to commercial little pottys and a privacy tent. I’m assuming in this scenario, you’re bringing the toilet paper.”