Youth Lagoon – “Rotten Human”

Trevor Powers’ music has a chilling effect, finding a space in the darkest recesses of your mind and crystalizing them, drawing attention to all of the things in this world that make you feel sorrow, or nothing at all. Youth Lagoon’s music often makes me feel desperately sad, but the singles we’ve heard off of his forthcoming third album, Savage Hills Ballroom, ring triumphant. “Highway Patrol Stun Gun” came to us accompanied by a happy-go-lucky video, and we were first introduced to the record’s tracklist with the vaudevillian debut single, “The Knower.” Powers released a new track today along with an interview with Nerdist. Read what he had to say about Savage Hills Ballroom below.

Throughout the process of writing this album — about two years — I’ve gone on this spiritual journey to learn more about myself and my faults and all this stuff that I’ve tended ignore for a really long time. It’s so much easier to go through each day and forget the previous day or forget the hurtful things you said to someone or whatever it might be, just the shitty parts of your life. This song is addressing that. It’s really examining what it is that makes me who I am, and what parts of that are disgusting.

Listen to “Rotten Human” below.

Savage Hills Ballroom is out 9/25 via Fat Possum.

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