Watch Miguel’s Stunning Tonight Show Performance

Last night, Miguel was the musical guest on The Tonight Show, and he showed the fuck up. He sang the low-key Girls soundtrack cut “Simplethings,” which appeared as a bonus track on his excellent recent album Wildheart, and his take on the song was nicely understated. He never turned his voice all the way on or showed off his ridiculous dance moves, but there was a sweet confidence in his delivery; he knows what he’d doing. But what really put it over the top was the staging. Standing in plumes of dry ice and lit like an angel, he played an acoustic guitar, and his entire backing band was one guitarist and one guy playing a stand-up drum kit and an MPC. He just knows how to look like he’s immortal; it’s awesome. On the show, Miguel also took part in a game-show segment called “Long Story Short,” in which he and Benicio Del Toro took on Jimmy Fallon and Jessica Alba and everyone did pretty badly. And Miguel also did an online-bonus video in which he talked about Boyz II Men’s Motownphilly, the first album he ever owned. Watch all three videos below.

Wildheart is out now on RCA.