Long Beard – “Dream”

All of the tracks we’ve heard so far from Long Beard’s upcoming debut have felt like dreams, which makes sense because the name of the record is Sleepwalker. Each track is a little treasure that wholly encapsulates a feeling or moment. But “Dreams” is the first to actually be about a dream: “This song is about a dream I had that I remembered very clearly when I awoke and kept thinking about for the rest of that day,” Leslie Bear explained to The Le Sigh. “In the dream, I found a hidden room that had belonged to someone who had been gone for a long time although they left their belongings behind. I wasn’t afraid, but I felt a heaviness that almost calmed me.โ€ You can feel that weight throughout the New Brunswick songwriter’s latest. It’s more atmosphere piece than song, as the background noise threatens to overtake her guitar, but she comes out on top — there’s longing here, but also a prevailing sense of hope. Listen below.

Sleepwalker is out 10/23 via Team Love.

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