Young Galaxy – “Ready To Shine”

Young Galaxy may have a little problem on their hands: They’re just too consistently good! For their past few albums — and on their upcoming one, Falsework — the Montreal band trades in the same kind of spotless, slinking R&B, and they’re super good at what they do. Their last two singles — “Body” and “Factory Flaws” — and their newest, “Ready To Shine,” are all great. They do nothing wrong! But it’s also not the kind of music makes me want to wax poetic over how life-changing and affecting they are. It’s just good, solid music that’s pleasant to retreat into once in a while. There are some awesome moments on “Ready To Shine” — like when Catherine McCandless’ voice shuffles through the words “Sometimes I would cry and hide all night” and the music seems to echo her loneliness in response — but it just doesn’t grab me in that way. Maybe it’ll be different for you — hear what you can latch on to below.

Falsework is out 10/30 via Paper Bag Records.

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