Watch Future, T.I., Young Dro, & Rich Homie Quan Perform At The BET Hip-Hop Awards

Last night, BET broadcasted the BET Hip-Hop Awards, the network’s second annual awards show. This one was notably low on both star power and drama; the only real news story to come out of it was Houston legend Scarface being arrested for skipping child support payments immediately after winning a lifetime-achievement award. And even the Cypher whole-lot-of-people rapping videos were less interesting than usual. (This time around, the most notable Cyphers were the gimmicky ones, like the one that featured famous human beatboxes, or the one that featured the cast of the Broadway musical Hamilton, which includes clipping.’s Daveed Diggs) But the show is still reliably fun, and there were some performances worth posting, all of them from Atlanta rappers.

Future, the man of the moment, opened the show by performing his anthemic “Where Ya At” and “March Madness” on an outdoor stage in his Atlanta hometown. The great thing about Future shows isn’t so much the performance but the way his fans treat him like a deity, and you only got a bit of that in the video. But you did get that little bit. You also got some of that when the deeply underrated Atlanta underground star Young Dro did a crazily energetic version of his enormous local hit “We In Da City,” with longtime patron T.I. (who is very sorry) helping out. And Rich Homie Quan did his ridiculously catchy “Flex” while wearing a very nice suit. (There was also Diddy debuting his Les Sins-sampling “Workin.”) We could post more, but BET’s videos irritatingly auto-play, so three is enough.

You can watch all the videos from the show here.