London Coldplay Stans Suss Out 12/4 Release Date For A Head Full Of Dreams

Coldplay have been teasing their upcoming seventh album A Head Full Of Dreams — which they compared to Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows and which may or may not be their final album — for a while. The release seems imminent, but now, thanks to the solid sleuthing of a few London-based Coldplay stans, we know exactly how imminent. One fan spotted this mysterious poster on the London Underground:

And another fan found the same “flower of life” geometric pattern on the shirt that frontman Chris Martin wore at Global Citizen Festival, where the band debuted the new song “Amazing Day.”

So, it looks like we can expect the new Coldplay album to arrive 12/4! Check out their performance of “Amazing Day” at Global Citizen Fest below.

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