Lushlife – “Eyes Without A Face” (Billy Idol Cover)

Hazy Philadelphia rapper/producer Lushlife has just shared a stuttering, head-blown cover of Billy Idol’s 1983 Rebel Yell single “Eyes Without A Face.” Here’s what he writes about the cover on his website:

I started working on this cover of Billy Idol’s 1983 classic, “Eyes Without a Face” while bored hanging around in airports last month. Then, a few days ago I happened to catch Georges Franju’s incredible 1960 French horror film that the song is inspired by, and it made me kind of stoked to release this demo as an offering to the 2k15 late-night Halloween party jam gods.

He’s actually wasn’t the only one inspired by the film this Halloween — Animal Collective’s Avey Tare used it as his costume yesterday. Anyway, Lushlife doesn’t do any rapping on the track, but he makes a surprisingly good crooner — “Wait, am I the first rapper to ever cover Billy Idol?” he asks in a Facebook post, which like, maybe? Listen below and grab a download here.

Lushlife’s new album Ritualize is out 2/19 on Western Vinyl.