Hear Sia and Antony’s New Songs For Racing Extinction Documentary

Hear Sia and Antony’s New Songs For Racing Extinction Documentary

Sia and Antony Hegarty — who recently changed her name to Anohni for the new album due out next year — both worked with composer J. Ralph on separate songs that will be featured in Racing Extinction, an upcoming environmental documentary that will premiere on the Discovery Channel next month. Both of these songs were first debuted back in the summer when images were projected on the Empire State Building for the first time of various endangered species. Sia’s track, “One Candle,” soundtracks the trailer for the film.

Antony’s track is called “Manta Ray,” and J. Ralph told Rolling Stone about how they chose which vocalist they wanted on the track: “I remember [film director] Louie [Psihoyos] and I having a discussion once about what the world would sound like without any music or sounds from nature [and] what it would sound like if there was only one voice left on the planet. If I had to pick one artist to represent the fate of humanity, it would be Antony.”

“Both songs are essential to the film’s narrative and integral to the awareness campaign worldwide. Our hope was that we could inspire people with the understanding that every individual has the power to create global change from even one small idea,” J. Ralph said.

Listen to them both below.

Racing Extinction will debut 12/2 on the Discovery Channel.

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