Watch Adele & The Roots Play “Hello” On Classroom Instruments

Watch Adele & The Roots Play “Hello” On Classroom Instruments

We’ve already heard a few different versions of Adele’s universe-inhaling power ballad “Hello.” We’ve heard it with Rick Ross rapping on it. We’ve heard dance duo DJDS turning it into a house banger. We’ve heard D?WN turn it into a space-soul jam. And now we’ve heard how it sounds when played on toy instruments. It’s one of the more charming running bits on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show: Fallon and the Roots dicking around with kazoos and bongos and ukuleles and tiny xylophones while some world-renown diva wails out the song of the moment. And while they usually reserve this treatment for cheerier songs, Adele — who took over The Tonight Show on Monday night — was happy to play along, seemingly stifling at least a few giggles while it was all happening. A plastic flip-phone also makes an appearance. Watch the bit below.

She also performed “Million Years Ago” on the TODAY show this morning:

Adele’s new album 25 is out now on XL/Columbia, but you already knew that.

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