Guns N’ Roses Speculation Heats Up With Theater Promos, Website Revamp

Guns N’ Roses Speculation Heats Up With Theater Promos, Website Revamp

The likelihood that a Guns N’ Roses reunion is happening is continuing to increase, regardless of how we may feel about that prospect. There’s still nothing in the way of hard evidence, unless you count Nikki Sixx’s assurances and some very coy tweets from the band, but it definitely seems that something is going on over in Guns N’ Roses HQ.

Yesterday, Guns N’ Roses revamped their official site to include a very large classic-era GNR logo displayed prominently on the home page. And, as Ultimate Classic Rock reports, fans who headed to the movies this weekend to catch Star Wars: The Force Awakens were treated to another blast of nostalgia in the form of three short clips of “Welcome To The Jungle” playing over black-and-white crowd footage before the trailers started. Black-and-white crowd footage that very much resembles Guns N’ Roses’ new Facebook cover photo and profile picture, as of yesterday:

Again, nothing concrete, but it seems like all this mystery has to be leading up to some big announcement. An announcement like, say, next year’s Coachella lineup, which is expected to arrive in early January and which is rumored to feature GN’R as headliners. But I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

UPDATE: Here’s a clip of that movie theater promo…

Mother of god. It's really happening. #starwars #preview #gunsnroses

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