Nick Monaco & David Marston – “Cherry Juice” (Stereogum Premiere)

Inspired by their surrounding scenery, Nick Monaco and David Marston created Island Life after retreating to Jamaica in order to work on music. Originally planning to have Marston lay down guitar track’s for his upcoming album Half Naked, Monaco extended his stay on the Island after recognizing the musical chemistry between the two.

With a catchy hook sounding over guitar rifs that range from funk to punk in their inspiration, “Cherry Juices” is the first single off the album. Combining these elements with a catchy, bass-heavy beat and distant sounding synth pads, the two create a sound that is present yet dreamy as their environment. Coming to us from the Blue Mountains above Kingston, Monaco and Marston give us a musical snapshot that brings us closer to their days of “tropical fruits, thunderous nights, exotic figures, and post card scenery.” Check out “Cherry Juice” Below.

Island Life is out 1/15 on Wolf + Lamb. Get the music early from starting this Wednesday.