Field Music – “Disappointed”

British rockers Field Music teased their upcoming new album, Commontime, late last year with “The Noisy Days Are Over” and an accompanying video. Today, they’ve released the next single for the record — “Disappointed” was just named Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1, and with its streamlined, easy-to-like funk backbeat, it’s easy to hear why. “We were consciously embracing the simplicity and directness of the pop music we love, where most of the song is in the chorus and the singing is always right at the front,” the track’s vocalist, David Brewis, explained in a statement. “I’m imagining a couple trying to get together and not quite managing it because they’re a bit older and they’ve already built up complete lives as individuals. Their expectations of what love should be have become too byzantine to let themselves take a risk.” Listen to it below.

Commontime is out 2/5 via Memphis Industries.

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