Doveman – “Lazarus” (Feat. Glen Hansard) (David Bowie Cover)

Like most of us, a whole lot of musicians are having a whole lot of feelings about David Bowie’s passing right about now, but unlike most of us, they can channel those feelings into art. We’ve already gotten Bowie covers from the likes of El Vy, Britt Daniel, and Calvin Love, and now pianist/singer Thomas Bartlett, aka Doveman, has given us another. While most of the tributes we’ve heard have been covers of Bowie’s older work, artists honoring their all-time favorite songs, Bartlett instead chose to take on “Lazarus,” the smoky, haunting Blackstar lead single. “I kept trying, but I couldn’t concentrate on work today. So instead I made a cover of ‘Lazarus,'” Bartlett writes in the track’s SoundCloud description. Frequent collaborator Glen Hansard contributed “harmony + moral support,” and Alec Bemis provided a helpful “prod.” Listen below.

UPDATE: Hansard also played “Ashes To Ashes” outside Bowie’s NYC apartment tonight.