The I Don’t Cares – “Whole Lotta Nothin” Video

The most famous Replacements video is hardly a video at all. The official clip for Tim anthem “Bastards Of Young” comprises footage of a stereo system playing the song for three and a half minutes. So although we would usually skip a half-assed submission like the I Don’t Cares’ new “Whole Lotta Nothin” video, which is indeed a whole lotta nothin’, it seems only right to recognize Paul Westerberg’s continued dedication to this aesthetic. Plus, considering Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield never did a pre-release stream for their album Wild Stab, this shamelessly insubstantial video is at very least a chance to remind you that the album exists and is quite good. To sweeten the deal, Westerberg does show up for a brief introduction that was apparently recorded on his phone. Check it out below.

Wild Stab is out now on Dry Wood.