Explosions In The Sky – “Logic Of A Dream”

Texas post-rockers Explosions In The Sky will release their seventh album, The Wilderness, next month. Lead single “Disintegration Anxiety” was promising, but felt a little too short to really ramp up to their typically exquisite melodrama. Follow-up track “Logic Of A Dream” gets a little closer to that goal, but still feels relatively restrained — maybe something that they were going for on this record? Even though it lacks the turn to one of those classic EITS bursts of emotion, it’s still plenty pretty enough. The track debuted on Beats 1 earlier today, an odd place considering such a meditative track is broken up by Zane Lowe’s intrusive “world first” tags, but you can listen to it below nonetheless.

UPDATE: Here’s a YouTube with no tags…

Here’s a recent video showing the process behind the artwork for the new album:

The Wilderness is out 4/1 via Temporary Residence.