Japanese Breakfast – “The Woman That Loves You”

“Don’t you think you should try to do as little harm as you can to the woman that loves you?” Michelle Zauner asks on the latest track we’ve heard from Japanese Breakfast’s upcoming proper debut, Psychopomp. Previous singles “In Heaven” and “Everybody Wants To Love You” approached grief and elation respectively with a gauzy sway, and “The Woman That Loves You” follows suit, filtering dejection and pain through a subdued ’80s lens. The come-on of the bridge acts as a final, desperate Hail Mary pass to save a relationship already lost. “But we’re gazing out for better things,” she concludes before launching into the hook one last time. Zauner told The FADER, who debuted the track, that it reminded her of a scene in the 1997 Hong Kong film Happy Together: “A couple in a poisonous relationship are lost and stalled out on the side of the highway on their way to see the Iguazu waterfall. I wrote the song after I’d finally gotten the courage to leave behind a poisonous relationship of my own, one that resembled a stalled out car or a sinking ship.” Listen below.

Psychopomp is out 4/1 via Yellow K Records. Pre-order it here.