Prince Rama – “Now Is The Time Of Emotion” Video

Brooklyn’s Prince Rama released their ambitious new album, Xtreme Now, back in February, and today they’re debuting a video for the single “Now Is The Time Of Emotion.” In the clip, the Larson sisters perform in a gallery as the art that surrounds them starts to come alive. The duo told The FADER the following:

More than anything, we just wanted an excuse to do all the forbidden things we’ve always wanted to do in a museum but are never allowed to… So we built our own version of a modern art museum and incited gangs of skateboarders, motorcyclists, fencers, small children, and crazed-townspeople to ransack its contents, destroying the artwork in bizarrely surreal manners and ultimately exorcising their corresponding emotions.

Watch below.

Xtreme Now is out now via Carpark.

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