Stream Mumblr The Never Ending Get Down (Stereogum Premiere)

The Never Ending Get Down is something of a misnomer (or at least a clever play on words) because Mumblr’s new album is definitely a downer. It’s not something you’d put on at a party unless, of course, you wanted to bum everyone out to get them to leave. The Philadelphia band took the nervous, scrunched-up energy from 2014’s Full Of Snakes and flattened it out like a pancake, opting to make their scuzzy rock twitchier, jammier, and more fleshed-out. Early singles like “Microwave” and “VHS” were propulsive and snappy; the rest of the album is lethargic and insular, but no less satisfying. From the nervy opener “Mudmouth” through to the dead-eyed 7-minute closer “Domingo,” The Never Ending Get Down is an impressive feat, even if you don’t necessarily get the urge to get down along with it. Listen to the whole thing below.

The Never Ending Get Down is out 6/10 via Fleeting Youth Records. Pre-order it here.

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