Kvelertak – “Nattesferd” Video

Nattesferd, the rowdy-as-hell new album from Norwegian party-metal destroyers Kvelertak, is one of our favorites of the year thus far. And today, the band has unveiled a new video for the album’s title track, which follows their giddily violent “1985” video. The new one tells the story of an astronaut who lands on a planet where a mysterious inverted triangle hangs in the sky. Director Jakob Marky filmed the video on Fårö, the Swedish island where Ingmar Bergman lived and filmed many of his movies. The video doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, at least as far as I can tell, but if you’re a sucker for sci-fi trippiness, you’ll probably like it anyway. Watch it below.

Nattesferd is out now on Roadrunner.