Beastie Boy Mike D Designed A $625 Man-Purse

Beastie Boy Mike D Designed A $625 Man-Purse

Something music has taught me: Your heroes are always willing to design some ridiculously expensive clothing item or accessory. Anyone who has ever suffered sticker shock while browsing an X-Large store knows that Beastie Boy Mike D has never been shy about selling some expensive shit. And now, we learn that Michael Diamond has now teamed up with the designer Claire V. to put together a whole collection of things that cost way, way more than you might expect, including a man-purse that will run you a cool $625.

Billboard reports that Diamond and Claire V. had the idea to design all the things that Mike needed but didn’t have: “Basically [creating this collection] was a very selfish exercise, if you want to get down to it. I was showing up at the studio all the time with no bag, being like, ‘I don’t want to have a backpack. I’ve had backpacks my whole life and I’m a grown man now. I should have something better.’”

Those items include a $145 tote bag, a $115 passport sleeve, and a $55 bandana. And for more budget-conscious types, that $625 man-purse is also available in a $525 edition. You can see the whole collection here.

Talking to Billboard, Diamond hints that he might like to do another collection: “I think another collection would be a great excuse to get more crazy with the colors. Maybe a little shock of neon in there? Like volt green for you people? I’m joking, but I definitely think expanding out from what we’ve done would make sense. I’m in need of a man apron. A very manly apron.” Start saving up now! Meanwhile, Mike D and Ad-Rock might still be at work on the Beastie Boys autobiography.

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