Diplo & Deadmau5 Finally Agree On Something, Which Is That EDC Las Vegas Sucks

The Twitter beef between superstar DJs Diplo and Deadmau5 has been one of the most vicious and storied rivalries in dance music for years; these two simply do not like each other. They do, however, agree on at least one thing: The Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival — the massive dance festival that went down last weekend — is stupid. As Billboard points out, both of them have aired some grievances against the massive festival on Twitter.

For his part, Diplo’s complaint was fairly trivial: The main stage looks stupid.

Meanwhile, Deadmau5 — who, like Diplo, played Delaware’s Firefly Festival instead — had some pretty pointed things to say about an entire festival that only focuses on one genre of music:

So it’s a festival with a stupid-looking stage that also reduces its performers to content-providing cogs. Got it.