Watch Two Neil Youngs On A Tree Stump On Fallon

For years, Jimmy Fallon has been doing a scarily accurate Neil Young impression, first on Late Night and then on The Tonight Show. Last year, Young himself finally showed up for one of them, as the two Neil Youngs sang “Old Man” together. And last night, Young returned to The Tonight Show for a wonderfully weird little bit called “Two Neil Youngs On A Tree Stump.” (It was basically a repeat of Fallon’s “Two James Taylors On A Seesaw” sketch, but still.) Fallon sounded just like Young, and Young dressed just like Fallon’s Young impression. And the brand-new song that the two of them sang, about the nature of existence when you’re sitting on a tree stump with a clone of yourself, was pretty great! Watch the genial lunacy below.

Young’s new album Earth is out 6/17 on Reprise.