Creative Adult – “Moving Window”

San Francisco post-punks Creative Adult are gearing up for the release of Fear Of Life, their cheerily titled sophomore full-length. The album, which comes out at the end of next week, finds the band sanding down some of their punk tendencies, making room for some jangly Smithsian melody without losing their natural gloom. Here’s what frontman Scott Phillips has to say about new song “Moving Window,” which premiered today on The A.V. Club:

A few years ago I was on a bus from San Francisco to Rohnert Park; Route 80 (which no longer exists). The woman seated beside me was reading a book. I think it was Cormack McCarthy. She set it down in her lap and started conversing. “I saw the movie awhile back but the book is always better.” To which I said “yeah, definitely” or something equally engaging. We exchanged pleasantries for another twenty-or-so minutes before she got off in downtown Petaluma. No sentimental goodbyes or anything out of the ordinary. After all, we were not friends or lovers; just two strangers going about their day. Two people on different paths sharing a moment in time. It’s possible we’ve crossed paths since but there’s no way of knowing. We all have these experiences all the time. I don’t know what it means but I guess this song is just an homage to wandering minds worldwide; the perma-dreamers and observant types fascinated with trivial inquiries or small interactions.

Listen below, and check out the video for lead single “Charged” while you’re at it.

Fear Of Life is out 8/5 on Run For Cover. Pre-order it here.