Watch Corey Taylor Eject Another Fan From Slipknot Concert

Slipknot’s latest tour has been pretty, well, knotty. Frontman Corey Taylor already took a bad spill onstage a little over a couple weeks ago. Disrespectful fans were thrown out of Slipknot’s show a few weeks ago. Taylor also slapped a phone out of a fan’s hands last month.

It turns out during the band’s 8/13 show at the Concord Pavilion in Concord, California, Taylor had another fan ejected, and it was caught on tape again. You can see Taylor point at a specific fan in the crowd and say “Get him out. That fucker with the glasses. Get him the fuck out of here. Get him the fuck out. That guy with the glasses.” Users on Slipknot’s subreddit who were at the concert claim the guy was slinging insults at Taylor, flipping him off, and attacking other people in the crowd for no reason before security had to wrestle him out of the crowd because he wouldn’t leave peacefully. Watch fan footage below. The incident occurs around the 3:02 mark.