J. Cole’s Meadows Set Was His “Last Show For A Very Long Time”

The Meadows, the big music festival that came to Queens this past weekend, turned out to be pretty eventful! Kanye West cut his headlining set short after learning that his wife Kim Kardashian had been robbed at gunpoint in Paris. The Weeknd canceled his headlining set, un-canceled it, and then canceled it again. And J. Cole, who stepped in at the last second to fill in for the Weeknd, announced during his own set that this would be his “last show for a very long time.” Here’s the video:

Cole has ascended to festival-headliner status this past year, and many, many people have witnessed his live show. (I wrote about a recent one.) He could keep doing victory laps for another year, easily, but stopping to recalibrate and maybe make another record is probably a smart idea right now.

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