Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

I’m moving to Canada


#10  blochead
Score:23 | Nov 1st

I guess whoever actually threw the piss got away with it. Pretty slick perpetrator

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#8  dansolo
Score:25 | Oct 28th

Not that I have watched the Schumer video, or ever will, but can this woman just go away already? She is everything that is wrong with rich white woman feminism. She goes all in on the issues that matter to her – sexism, body shaming, rape culture, etc., – but she’ll turn around and tell racist jokes about Mexicans, or mock Latinas & Latinos. And then when she get’s called out for it, she hides behind these vapid appeals to female unity. I’m sure there’s nothing offensive about her Beyonce video, but the reason WOC are out for Amy’s blood is because she’s fucking insufferable to anyone who isn’t a permasloshed sorority girl or a sad thirtysomething who still acts like one.

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#6  sandro
Score:25 | Oct 31st

Good. I was starting to become a paranoid japandroid

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#5  thelongspring
Score:26 | Oct 28th

Because we love to bitch about things that don’t matter.

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#4  reggieohead
Score:26 | Nov 3rd

I hate “Closer” with unending passion. I went on a facebook rant about it today. I hate that goddamn three-note-range “chorus.” I hate the cliché-ridden lyrics. I hate the unimpressive vocal performances. This song is aural diarrhea. Maybe it’s just the form my pre-election anxiety is taking, but I have endless aggression toward this song.

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#1  cheap_suit_jr_jr
Score:36 | Nov 2nd

Drug-Addled Person With 15+-Year Pattern Of Total Incoherence Has Incoherent Opinion On Complex Topic

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#5  hophead
Score:-21 | Nov 3rd

So dressing as a Native American for Halloween sparks enough complaints that Hillary Duff has to issue an apology? Jesus people, give me a fucking break.

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#4  secret satan
Score:-23 | Oct 28th

Drake’s a pussy, Drake’s an asshole, fuck Drake, etc.

Mention the skin color and ohhhh no.

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#3  stnsville
Score:-29 | Nov 1st

Is this the 40 best women and minorities list?

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#2  secret satan
Score:-35 | Oct 28th

Which of these lives matters the most?

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Todd Elliott Koger
Score:-48 | Nov 2nd

You’re talking about the fraudulent hoax #blacklivesmatters that has no interest in fighting black poverty and inequality and is just a masquerade for LGBTQ rights . . .

Just another dose of mainstream media silliness and ineptitude to keep the black community’s eyes and attention distracted while #blacklivesmatter pilfer philanthory resources and the blood and toil of the civil rights investments on absurdity such as the rights of transgender individuals to use the bathrooms of their choosing. Why didn’t they just “miss us” with this applesauce.

Why does the black elite “status quo” media regime continue to try shift away from the only conversation about systemic racism (Donald Trump’s “call for a NEW DEAL civil rights movement” to address racial discrimination).

Authentic? And, Natalie Jeffers co-founder of Blacklivesmatter UK (doesn’t have a white mother; doesn’t live in America). Ms. Jeffers’ 501(3)(c) Matters of the Earth where she was listed as the sole director and shareholder doesn’t spend grant money at the $200 plus a-night Costa do Sauipe Resort in Brazil that has the world’s best beaches, 9 swimming pools, and 12 restaurants.

And, Ms. Jeffers didn’t write on a blog that “she jets all over the world to conferences and loves when people talk about her hypocrisy.” Hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight for “Black Lives” and the efforts are just focused on gender inequality. What exactly does the BLM founders do for black America?

It’s time we get off this “merry-go-round.”

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Score:2 | Oct 31st

Re: that Chainsmokers pic. There’s something really incredible about a bunch of musicians who have to use inflatable guitars when they dress as musicians for Halloween.

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