Ad-Rock Designs Winter Shoes, Donates Proceeds To Planned Parenthood

Both of the surviving Beastie Boys have been designing clothing lately. But while Mike D is out here making $625 man-purses, the King Ad-Rock is making affordable shoes that go to benefit a vital cause. As Pitchfork reports, Kathleen Hanna’s husband has teamed up with the vegan footwear company Keep to design the Ramos Ad-Rock, a waterproof winter shoe that, according to the Keep website, “features a water-resistant, nylon cordura body and is lined with synthetic shearling.” They also feature the name “Horovitz” stitched into them, split between the left and right sides of the heel. The shoes retail for an exceedingly sensible $97, and all the net proceeds are going to Planned Parenthood. They also look pretty good! As someone who loves to clown the very idea of musician-designed clothing, I can find absolutely nothing obnoxious about this. You can pre-order a pair here.