Kanye West Co-Wrote Frank Ocean’s “White Ferrari”

Although it’s been almost four months since the release of Frank Ocean’s sophomore LP Blonde, we’re still not finished parsing all of the album’s many mysteries. Among a number of other puzzles that remain (Is it Blond? Blonde? Both?), we had yet to figure out exactly which artists on the lengthy contributors list collaborated on which songs. While we received some partial information regarding the songwriting credits in September from the royalties database ASCAP, the liner notes from the Black Friday sale of Ocean’s album reveal the remaining secrets, as well as correct a few previous misconceptions.

The most notable factoid is that Kanye West is listed as a co-writer on “White Ferrari” (which means he shares credit with Paul McCartney and track space with Alex G) — this less than a week after Sampha revealed Kanye also co-wrote “Timmy’s Prayer.” Images of the liner notes that emerged today additionally confirm that Beyoncé provided backing vocals to “Pink + White” and that Yung Lean was featured on “Godspeed.” You can check out the rest of the credits below via Reddit.