New Ride Album Will Be “Equal Parts Motörhead And William Basinski”

Ride are working on their first new album in 20 years, and today the band posted an excerpt from a magazine article in which the band’s Andy Bell offers a preview of the upcoming record, which he describes as “equal parts Motörhead And William Basinski.” The mag pegs it for a summer release date. Here’s what Bell had to say:

We made it out in the country. We recorded it in 17 days, in a studio called The Vale. We went to hang out there when we announced the reunion, in 2014. We hadn’t picked up instruments together for 20 years so our way of celebrating the fact that we were going to get back together was to go down to this studio miles from anywhere, plug in and see if it works.

Erol Alkan has produced it. He’s got endless enthusiasm and patience and the right mentality to get the right stuff out of us. We’ve all written for it, and brought in songs or ideas or half-songs, and we’ve co-operated to a big extent. We had a few jams we recorded at soundchecks on tour. One of the things on the album came from a recording on an iPhone of a jam we had in Honolulu — though there’s not a Hawaiian theme. There’s a couple where one person has brought in the entire thing, but there are far more where we’ve jammed out something and one of us has taken the initiative to do the melody and words, or some other permutation of it all. At times, it’s quite trashy and poppy and other times it’s quite ambient and psychedelic. It’s equal parts Motörhead And William Basinski. Aggressive ambience!

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